Bangkok Notaty Public Service in Thailand


Our firm, Bangkok Lawyer Company Limited, provides you the mobile notary service and company formation with the most reasonable fee! Our notaries are speak English fluently. Our service is Thailand countrywide:

• Notary Public Service staring from 2,500 Baht

• English-Thai and Thai-English Translation staring from 900 Baht 

• Company Formation or Set up other kinds of legal entities e.g. limited partnership, foundation or association starting from 15,000 Baht. 

Notaries will charge Baht 2,500 per each signature. The fees for each signing depends upon the number of signatures and who is requesting service. So of course, the fees could be less for numerous signatures. 

Travel fees are allowed to be charged if the signer agrees to the fees. All travel fees are disclosed prior to travel. Notary fees are separate from the travel fees. Travel fees are based upon mileage/distance, after hours, location, and number of documents/signatures. 

A Notary does NOT give any legal advice regarding any documents signed. Only an attorney can give you legal advice regarding your documents.

Notary services for Individuals Notary services for Business

We can help with the correct completion notarization and authentication of all types of documents for use abroad including

• Powers of Attorney for use anywhere in the world 
• International Affidavits, Sworn Statements and Depositions
• Notarizing private agreements for use abroad 
• Property documents for use abroad
• Bank instruction letters 
• Copyright documents for worldwide use
• Education Certificates for worldwide use 
• Doctors and dentists Examination Submission
• Certified copy document
• Lost passports & birth certificates
• Marriage certificates & confirmation of single status

• Retirement life certificates
• Certified copy passports

I can help you in the notarisation and authentication of the full range of Corporate or business documents for most purposes including:

• Powers of Attorney on behalf of a company, LLP or other trading medium 
• Notarising certificates of incorporation or Memorandum and Articles of Association 
• Notarised Certificates of Company Good Standing 
• Certification of the identity of Directors, Secretaries or other company officers
• Notarising the Execution of Commercial Contracts for use abroad
• Opening company Branch offices or Bank Accounts in or outside the UK
• Affidavits, sworn or statutory Statements or Declarations, Witness statements
• Certified copies of company resolutions, minutes, and reports

Help processing your documents

Each case is different but usually you will need to: 

1. make an appointment

2. bring evidence of your identity - generally: 

- a current valid passport and 
- a document to prove your address, for example 

- photo card driving licence or 
- council tax bill 
- utility bill for electricity gas or water 
- bank or credit card statement


3. the Notary has a duty to take reasonable steps to ensure that the transaction is valid - he has 'a duty to the transaction' so he will need to:

- be satisfied that you understand any document, particularly a document not in English 
- see any papers or documents relevant to the validity of the matter. 

The notary must be sure that both you and he understand the documents and their effect abroad. A translation by a qualified interpreter may be necessary, who will require an additional fee. I have access to suitable interpreters.

It will be a great help if you can send to me before the appointment

1. the document(s) to be notarised 

2. any email or letter of instruction (from whoever is asking for the document in the foreign country) as to how that country requires the document completed. The key question is what will work in the country concerned, and each country can be different! By email is best (so I can add in the names & signing details), but to fax, post or deliver in person are alternatives. 


 Our professional and personal service of serving legal documents within Thailand:

 Service of Process of Foreign Subpoena Within Thailand

 -  Serving Divorce Papers in Thailand

 -  Serving subpoena in Thailand

 Serving court order in Thailand

 Serving petitions in Thailand

 Serving demand letters or legal notice in Thailand.

 Our service will also provide you with the affidavit in your required form and notarization of said documents.  Our hotline number is (international call) +66 81 899 1604 and (domestic call) 081 899 1604 and email:

Contact us now: Mr. Kit Kraibavornwisha, Office Manager;


Hotline: 081 899 1604 (24 Hours) or overseas call +66 81 899 1604. 
Fax: 02 1523 018 
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